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FBH Code of Practice for recommended minimum enclosure sizes for Reptiles

The FBH is proud to announce the launch of it's Code of Practice for recommended minimum enclosure sizes for reptiles

The Federation of British Herpetologists (FBH) has produced guidance for the recommended minimum enclosure sizes for reptiles kept privately in the UK.

The guidance has been developed by the FBH in conjunction with specialist keeper groups, experienced hobbyists, the British Veterinary Zoological Society and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association. Covering all of the main groups of reptiles it provides practical guidance for private keepers, enabling them to select the appropriate sized housing for their pets based on the size and habits of the species concerned.

The enclosure sizes recommended have been selected using current thinking on the provision of good welfare, the opinions of vets and hobbyists, and experience from countries that already have such guidance. The recommendations exceed the smallest housing that could be used to keep reptiles, instead focussing on providing the extra space required to maximise welfare benefits.

Dave Hayden, Chair of the FBH said “We wanted to produce a document that helped keepers select housing that enabled them to provide more than just the bare necessities. Although there is little in the way of concrete evidence to guide our decisions we were able to draw on the collective knowledge of the hobbyists, vets and organisations that have helped us develop the guidelines.”

Sid James, FBH Project coordinator said: “This project demonstrates the commitment of the reptile keeping community to constantly improve. It is the first set of guidelines of its kind in the UK and is underpinned by the latest research and expertise. We plan to continue to update the document as the evidence base evolves”

The Code Of Practice can be downloaded by clicking on the photo

For further information or questions please contact the FBH at


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