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About The FBH



The British have a long history of sharing their lives with their pets and the keepers of reptiles and amphibians are no exception. It is estimated that there are now more pet reptiles than pet dogs in the UK and more than one million people keeping reptiles or amphibians in their homes. Many are members of herpetological clubs and societies. However, these keepers have increasingly found themselves vilified and their hobby attacked by anti-pet keeping groups. Many of the arguments from these groups are based on distortions of the truth and have no basis in fact.


The Federation of British Herpetologists (FBH) was founded in 1996 to challenge these flawed argument and to represent the interests of reptile keepers. Headed and supported by specialist and experienced herpetologists from across Britain the FBH exists to promote and support the responsible keeping of reptiles and amphibians. The FBH is an umbrella organisation to which the majority of herpetological societies are affiliated and it represents the largest collective of experienced amateur and professional keepers in the UK. We are the voice of UK reptile keeping.


The FBH is frequently consulted by national and international authorities in relation to impending regulation and to provide fair and balanced advice. We also work closely with responsible animal welfare organisations, and with local and national government regulatory bodies.


Bearded Dragon

Our aims and objectives:

  1. To represent the legitimate interests of UK keepers at national and international level

  2. To oppose unfair regulation/legislation

  3. To manage a national information source of key facts/issues/statistics relating to reptile and amphibian keeping

  4. To create and maintain a strong, positive image for private reptile keeping.

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